What is Ama?

That undigested food material that sits in the stomach for a long time and undergoes fermentation due to impaired Agni is Ama. Due to the fermentation process, this undigested food cannot be utilized by the system. Ama can be easily eliminated from the digestive tract, however, once it reaches the deeper tissues, it’s then that it becomes difficult to eliminate and starts clogging the channels, eventually weakening an immune reaction. Factors that trigger a weak Agni, eventually lead to the formation of Ama. Symptoms of Ama in the body  (in a box)
  • Coated tongue, constipation, sluggish metabolism, sounds in the stomach
  • Sleepiness, feeling of being covered with a wet cloth, heaviness of the body
  • Pain, swelling, pricking pain, body parts will be gradually afflicted by pain
  One can also do a self–analysis of Ama by checking the tongue early morning, before brushing the teeth. Brownish-black coating on the tongue is an indication of Ama caused due to Vata imbalance. Dark yellow or greenish coating on the tongue is an indication of Ama caused due to Pitta imbalance. Whitish coating on the tongue is due to Ama caused by Kapha imbalance. However, an Ayurvedic physician can diagnose all about Ama, like its formation, location, and degree, through a detailed analysis called Ashta Vidha Pareeksha.

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