It is good to apply a special type of collyrium called Sauvira Anjana to the eyes. It should be applied daily. Rasanjana (aqueous extract of Berberis aristata), should be applied once a week, to drain out Kapha (secretions) from the eyes. Individuals who apply collyrium as part of their make-up routine (called prasadana anjana) can apply sauviranjana and others can apply rasanjana for therapeutic purpose once a week. Simple ghee soot is also a very effective anjana that can be easily made at home and applied regularly.

A special mention of the benefit of anjana in today’s times. In the present era, when technology has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives anjana vidhi is one of the dinacharya routines that a person should follow diligently. Because of excessive exposure to gadgets, and electronic media from a very young age, nothing can beat the benefits of anjana if one needs to keep their eyes protected. Anjana reduces itching, dirt and discharge and promotes clarity of vision. It also enhances the beauty of the eyes.

One should avoid applying anjana in cases like after meal and head wash, after vomiting, redness and pain in eyes, swollen eyes, watering of eyes, lack of proper sleep, anger, crying, fear, and after alcohol intake.

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