Gandusha is a procedure in which you fill the mouth with oil or herbal decoction and hold it for a few minutes without moving it inside the oral cavity. Ideally, it should be held in the mouth till there is salivation or secretion of tears or mucousy/watery discharge from the mouth. Kavala is when you take a lesser quantity of oil or decoction and swish it in the mouth. Gandusha and Kavala can be compared to modern-day oil pulling. These procedures are used to strengthen the gums, teeth, and jaw, bring about clarity of voice and enhance taste buds. It also helps to prevent tooth decay, cracked lips, malodour, gum bleeding, and dryness of the throat.

Ayurveda recommends Arimedadi oil as the best herbal oil for pulling. Sesame oil is the best generic oil and coconut oil is second best oil to sesame for pulling. Even warm water is advisable. Avoid using coconut oil during excessive Kapha and Ama condition.

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