Hair fall

  1. Hair is the sub tissue or updhatu of the main dhatu or tissue – bone. For hair to be healthy, it is equally important to have healthy bones and this is the reason why weakness in the bone tissue can be a cause of hair loss.
  2. Other than these following are a few of the reasons for hair fall
    • Excess of Pitta dosha
    • Lack of proper nutrition
    • Erratic lifestyle and upset circadian rhythm
    • Stress, anxiety, and overstimulated nervous system
    • Environmental factors such as toxic chemicals, pollutants, and climate
  3. As with any other line of Ayurveda treatment that gets to the root cause, in order to deal with remedies for hair fall, it is important to understand the dosha involvement.
  4. Vata dosha involvement leads to brittle, dry, and frizzy hair with hair falling in clusters. The scalp is dry with dandruff, and hair becomes thin with split ends. Therefore, Vata pacifying diet and lifestyle help in this case. Oiling with sesame and coconut oil is advisable. Do not wash your hair too often and never with hot water. Always massage the hair with oil before shampoo.
  5. Pitta dosha leads to early greying and falling of hair. It also gives a bald appearance. Follow a Pitta pacifying diet, and lifestyle. Oiling with brahmi, amla, and bhringraj oil is beneficial. Harsh chemical treatments and the use of hairdryers, heat treatments, hair straightening irons make the damage worse.
  6. Kapha dosha imbalance leads to excessive oily scalp and clogged hair follicles, leading to an increase in hair fall. Kapha pacifying diet and lifestyle are helpful. Do not oil the scalp too often or leave the oil in without shampoo.
  7. Stress and hormonal imbalances are one of the leading causes of hair fall. To combat these conditions follow Yoga, meditation, and pranayama. Certain yoga asanas and breathing techniques are very effective as they lead to increased oxygen supply and circulation to the supraclavicular region of the body. These keep the nervous system and endocrinal system in a healthy state.
  8. Be mindful of eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Include sesame seeds, flax seeds, fenugreek seeds, gooseberry, dates, raisins, nuts, and turmeric in the diet as these promote hair growth. Make the diet rich in protein and iron.
  9. Aloe vera, bhringraj, amla, shikakai, reetha, hibiscus ,and fenugreek seeds are quite effective in promoting hair growth. Make packs and pastes with these and apply to the scalp.
  10. Ayurveda therapies like Shirodhara, Nasya, Shiroabhyanga, and Shirolepa are effective against hair fall when done under the supervision of an Ayurveda physician.
  11. Make sure to follow the right sleep and wake-up cycle as insufficient and improper sleep can also contribute to hair loss.

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