What is Pancha Mahabuta?

Nature of the Universe is made of five basic constituents/elements or as per Ayurveda, these are called the Pancha Mahabhuta namely – 

Prithvi (Earth) | Jal (Water) | Agni (Fire) | Vayu (Air) | Akash (Space) They exist in all beings and matter.

As per Ayurveda, every human body is an ‘exact representation’ of the Universe or Mahabhutas, in a miniaturised form, which must stay in a state of harmony, and equilibrium. The panchamahabhutas are represented in the human body as dosha, dhatu and mala.

Any changes in this equilibrium whether an increase, or decrease caused by dietary, lifestyle or climatic influences will manifest themselves as a disturbance or disease. Ayurveda advocates the principle of Samanya and Vishesha. Samanya means similarity and vishesha means dissimilarity or difference. This principle states that similarity of substances is the cause of the increase, while dissimilarity of substances is the cause of the decrease.

Going by this principle in terms of Panchamahabhuta, an increase is corrected by using plant, animal, or mineral kingdom products with dissimilar properties. Eg: When there is dryness in the skin, one needs to moisturise with oils or moisturisers to counter it. Oil has got opposite properties like unctuousness, oiliness and heaviness which help in overcoming dryness.

While a decrease is corrected by using the method of strengthening, by using products of similar properties. Eg: When a person is dehydrated, he/she is advised to drink more fluids, especially water to counter the dehydration in the tissues.

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