What is a Kapha Prakriti?


A strong and healthy body with heavy bones and muscles and a large body frame is defines your physical structure. You put on weight easily, however, losing weight is very difficult. It’s easy to see the numbers on your weighing scale go up. Your skin is oily/glistening, smooth, wheatish/pale, and thick. You tend to sweat a lot, however, the sweat has a pleasant odour and not a foul one. Naturally beautiful hair which are oily, thick, lustrous, black and curly. The nails of a Kaphā  person is strong, thick, hard, and generally pale or whitish, and do not break easily. Cold and clammy hands is one of the characteristics of a Kaphā  individual.


Your meal intake is low as you have a moderate appetite, and you are generally a slow eater. However, weight and body frame defy your appetite because of sluggish digestion and slow metabolic rate. It is easy for a Kaphā person to skip a meal. There is a sensation of heaviness and fullness after meals. Your bowel movement is slow and irregular, with generally soft and pale stools but well-informed. Quantity-wise, it can be moderate to large.

Your urine output is scanty as Kaphā individuals retain excess water in their bodies.

The personification of ‘slow and steady’, your every action or decision is well thought through or deliberated, yet steady; be it their talk, walk or work style.

Sleep is your best friend. Deep and sound sleeper, sleeping more than 8 hours is no big deal for you. Mornings are generally difficult as you often feel heavy and foggy in the morning. You need a strong cup of tea or coffee to get going. Calm and composed, you exude composure in every task you do. You are well organised, think and plan a lot.

Though exercise is good for you, lazing around, eating, and sitting idle is what you prefer.

Behavioral or Psychological

Patient, calm,  composed, and secure/self-satisfied define your character. You are grounded, stable, sweet, and loving. Not so adventurous, though brave, you generally have inner confidence. You handle emotions like anger, grief and stress quite well.

You have slow but deep grasping power and long-term focus. You are blessed with deep and long-lived memory. You do not like change and work well with a routine. Your faith and belief are undeterred. Yet, you have a steady and unchanging mood, philosophical in mindset and visionary.

Disease susceptibility

As a Kapha, you have sluggish metabolism, which may result in obesity and other related concerns like diabetes. Kaphā  individuals retain excess water. You have sticky stools and sluggish bowel movements. Joints can become flaccid and weak.

You are prone to cold, sinusitis, sinus headaches, asthma, bronchitis, and flu normally during late winters and spring. Kaphā  dosha, when aggravated, can lead to excess mucous production resulting in cold and congestion, even vomiting at times.

It leads to over-sleepiness, fatigue, and lethargy when aggravated, especially in the mornings. It can also impart a pale look when aggravated.

When Kaphā  goes out of balance, it can make you suffer from greed, possessiveness, attachment, envy, emotional overeating, depression, and brain fog.

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