Take a warm water bath after about 30 minutes of exercise. One should keep in mind to bathe the body with warm water, which brings strength to the body. However, the same warm water when used overhead can lead to weakness of hair and eyes. Therefore, it is advisable to use cold water for the head and warm water for the rest of the body below the neck. Exception: It is okay to use cold water for bathing in summers. Also, if one is suffering from excessive heat or sweat or any bleeding disorders, cold water can be used. Bath improves appetite by stimulating the digestive fire, it removes lethargy and improves strength and vigor, removes itching, burning sensation, dirt, and sweat. It also purifies the blood by removing body toxins, brings a sense of happiness and lightness, is good for mental health, and enhances ojas.

Moisturize the skin well after a shower. The best way is to pat dry the body with a towel and apply sesame oil. Wear fresh, washed and ironed clothes that are made up of fabric that is conducive to the season, and temperature, colors that are compatible with one’s dosha and occasion. One can use natural organic scents or essential oils to bring freshness and charm. It also helps boost confidence and self-esteem.

The best essential oils to use as per dosha are:

  1. Vata – jasmine, ginger, geranium, vanilla, lavender
  2. Pitta – sandalwood, rose, mint, jasmine, vetiver, chamomile
  3. Kapha – rosemary, ginger, basil, amber, musk

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