Hingu /Hing/Asafoetida

Loss of appetite – A piece of crushed ginger mixed with a pinch of hing/asafoetida fried in ghee should be taken with buttermilk before food. It acts as an appetizer.

Toothache – Keep fried hing in carious tooth.

Abdominal Pain- Stir and dissolve in water and apply on & around umbilicus. Specially in children or infants where there is abdominal distention and colicky pain this is very helpful.

Excessive gas and bloating: 1 teaspoon of roasted cumin powder and 1 pinch of hing fried in ghee, mixed and consumed with a cup of warm water.

Post-delivery: Immediately after delivery 6 gms, of hing is fried in ghee and made into 60 pills. To begin with, 1 pill is given twice a day.Gradually the dose is increased to 10 pills and then gradually reduced.

Headache: 25-30 mg of hing is made into a paste with water and applied on the forehead in case of frontal headache.

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