What is a Vata Prakriti?


As a Vata personality, you may appear lean, thin or skinny and have difficulty gaining weight or mass even after eating healthy or rich fatty food. In addition, You can appear very tall or short in height. Prominent joints/nodular in appearance (generally have prominent Adam’s apple), which make cracking or popping noise when bent.

Brittle, thin, and rough nails and, dry skin are your trademarks. Not only this, hair too tends to be dry and brittle  and lacks shine or lustre. Moisturizing or oiling is a constant need of a Vata person.


Your appetite is variable and you prefer grazing or eating small portioned meals, and need to snack frequently. Concerns like bloating, gas formation, or flatulence are quite common. You tend to have irregular bowels with dark brown/darkish colour and hard stools  and have a tendency for constipation.  All your activities are fast and unsteady/erratic, whether walking, talking, work style or even thought process. You are a light and superficial sleeper with a need for very less sleep and at times can suffer from insomnia as well.

Behavioral or Psychological

Vata Prakriti individuals have a quick/hyperactive, enthusiastic, moody, and fickle mind.

Mostly loving, joyful, and happy when in balance, you are prone to nervousness, anxiety, fear, over-excitement, etc. when imbalanced. You usually grasp new ideas or information quickly. However, you are also quick to forget. As a result, You have short-lived focus and concentration.

You love change and get bored easily and that’s why your work style is chaotic.

You suffer from fear of loneliness, darkness, heights, and closed spaces/claustrophobia.

Disease susceptibility

As a Vata Prakriti, you are prone to anxiety, nervousness, mental confusion, restlessness, and mood swings. In addition, You suffer from lack of or disturbed sleep, and no sleep/insomnia.

Ringing sound in the ears/tinnitus and stuttering/stammering can also bother you sometimes.

Continuous nervous twitching and tics of a muscle or part of it like eyelids/lips, jerking of the hand, etc. are also common. You are also prone to bone, joint, and muscular region concerns like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, neck pain, and low backache.

Digestive concerns like gas, bloating, distension, flatulence, and colic pain and constipation are very common concerns.   

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