In Ayurveda, nasa is said to be the main doorway to shiras, which means the nose is the main doorway to the head. Nasya karma is a procedure in which medicine is administered through the nose in the form of oil, ghee, powder, liquid or smoke (oil are used predominantly). This procedure helps in eliminating, and balancing dosha of the region above the clavicle which are the throat, sinuses, nose, and head. Though nasya balances all the dosha, it is especially good for Vata. It lubricates the sinuses, keeps allergies at bay, improves vision and voice quality. It also improves memory and balances Prana in the body.

Though nasya is useful for any ailments above the clavicle, it positively impacts the functioning of the entire body by improving the function of the endocrine system and nervous system.

A small dose of nasya oil or ghee is introduced into the nostrils with the little finger after a gentle massage on the face and throat. This procedure called pratimarsha can be done daily.

The best oils recommended for nasya specific to dosha are: –

  1. Vata – Sesame oil or ghee
  2. Pitta – Ghee
  3. Kapha – Sesame oil

Anu taila and Shadbindu can be used for all three doshas. These are available at all Ayurveda stores.

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