Being the time of Vata dosha there is a natural urge for the body to pass urine and faeces. Our ancient texts suggest that squatting is the natural pose for an easy evacuation. An individual should urinate and pass faeces facing north during day and south during nighttime. However, considering the practicality one can keep in mind to keep the direction of the toilets such, that the person is either facing north or south while using it (especially more so when constructing houses).

These days we tend to read newspapers, books, or magazine or even use our mobile phones while sitting on the toilet and passing stools. Our ancient texts recommend not to indulge in any activity or even think of anything else while passing stools. Also bear in mind to not force the stools out. Any evacuation that happens smoothly and naturally is ideal. After evacuation, wash the anal region with warm water and wash your hands well with soap. 

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