The root cause of many diseases finds its way in repeated consumption of incompatible foods which one consumes. Ayurveda has an unmatched understanding of the nature of food. Foods have inherent qualities based on their nature. So when one mixes these two types of opposite quality foods in a meal, it is difficult for the body to digest. A good Agni might be able to handle the mismatched foods, but those with mild Agni will just add to the Ama (toxic) load in their body. A classic example of incompatible foods that are most commonly consumed are banana milk shake, mango lassi. Milk is of cold potency and curdles in the digestive process. Adding sour fruits to your milk will create a digestive disaster, hamper the intestinal flora, and cause cough, cold, allergies. Rethink adding too many ingredients to your meal. Your chances of creating a toxic load rather than a nutritious meal can go up. 

Eating traditionally is the safest way to stick to an easily digestible meal. So-called modern health foods such as salads and smoothies are causing more harm than good. Watch what you combine when you create that salad, smoothie or when you eat at a buffet as they may be incompatible ingredients. 

Avoid the following food combinations: 

  • Milk with sour fruits .
  • Milk with fish.
  • Milk and melons should not be consumed at the same time. Because both have cold potency, also milk is a laxative and melon is a diuretic. Milk should not be consumed with salty food such as samosa, paratha, khitchari. Avoid boiling milk with tea. It disturbs all three doshas, especially Pitta. 
  • Do not combine grains and fruits. Fruits digest quickly, whereas grains take more time. Therefore, it taxes the digestive system and upsets the stomach. 
  • Do not mix sweet and sour fruits. Fruits should be eaten separately and not be a part of the meal. Do not consume fruits or milk with vegetables. 
  • Beans are incompatible with eggs, milk, fish, fruits, yogurt, and meat. 
  • Yogurt is to be avoided with cheese, eggs, fish, hot drinks, sour fruits, milk, mangoes, nightshades and beans.
  • Cheese cannot be paired with eggs, fruits, hot drinks, milk, beans, yogurt. 
  • Two or more proteins should not be consumed in the same meal as it becomes too heavy for the digestive system to handle. 
  • Nightshades (tomato, potato, etc) are not compatible with fruits like cucumber, melon, milk, yogurt, tomatoes, and cucumber are incompatible with lemons. 
  • Avoid eating raw and cooked foods together.

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