Sleep, anxiety and nervousness: Brahmi controls the nervous system as it balances Vata, which in turn is responsible for sleep, anxiety and nervousness. Anyone with disturbed sleep or anxiety and/or nervousness can take either brahmi capsules at bedtime (as advised by Ayurveda physician) or do nasya with Brahmi ghee (as advised by Ayurveda physician).

Sunburn: Take a few drops of brahmi oil and mix it with coconut oil. Apply on the affected part of the skin twice a day. Since Brahmi is a coolant, it gives relief from suburn.

Hair fall: Brahmi pacifies Vata, which is the main reason for dryness of the scalp and hairfall or brittleness of the hair. Therefore, brahmi oil helps to reduce hairfall or 1 teaspoon of brahmi powder every morning and evening with warm water for a few weeks shows reduction in hairfall.

Boosts memory and mental alertness: Brahmi when consumed regularly helps to boost memory and also improves mental alertness. This is because Brahmi controls Vata which governs the nervous system. So, taking 1-2 capsules (as advised by Ayurveda physician) or nasya with brahmi ghee (as advised by Ayurveda physician) or consuming brahmi tea is advisable.

Headache: A paste made with brahmi leaves applied on the forehead or applying brahmi oil on the scalp is useful in headache caused mainly due to heat or Pitta imbalance.

Chronic cough and asthma: A paste made out of brahmi leaves is heated in a pan and applied over the chest especially of children. It helps to relieve chronic cough and asthma.

Anti-aging: Brahmi has got anti-inflammatory and rejuvenative properties. Therefore, it is good as anti-aging.

Burning sensation in the body : Soak about 5 gm of brahmi with 5 gm of coriander in half a glass of water overnight. Next morning, grind and strain the solution. Mix sugar candy and consume it to relieve burning sensation.

Blood pressure: Give 1 teaspoon of brahmi leaf juice with ½ teaspoon of honey. It helps balance the blood pressure.

Joint pain: Brahmi oil or a paste made with leaves of Brahmi when applied on the joints helps relieve the pain.

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