Following procedures of cleansing the sense organs like eyes, ears, nose, and mouth is a way to cleanse the senses and channels for the free flow of Prana. These subtle channels are cleansed and maintained well through the practices of Dinacharya to achieve wellness on all levels i.e physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The mouth is the first organ that one must start with rinsing well in the morning. It hoards the dead bacteria collected through the night, that must be washed out. Swirling some water and spitting is the easiest way to cleanse. Splash water on your face. Fill your mouth with water and splash cool water on the eyes to refresh the eyes and wake up. Clench your eyes and rotate them clockwise and anticlockwise 7 times each. Decoction of panchvalkal with or without milk, the decoction of amalaki and neem, or plain water can be used to wash face and eyes. This process helps to remove any dirt, debris, and dryness of the face. It improves vision and provides a sense on lightness to the face.

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