What is a Pitta Prakriti?


As a Pittā person, you have a medium to moderate body frame with slightly fleshy built and well-developed muscles. Your weight gain is steady, stable, and even. Your joints are medium-sized and flexible. You have delicate, soft, oily, and highly sensitive skin, prone to  freckles, moles, acne, or redness. You tend to develop premature wrinkles. Profuse perspiration with a strong body odour is a nuisance for you. Nails are moderately thick, soft/rubbery, and reddish-pink. Your hair is soft, fine, straight or wavy, with an oily scalp with a tendency to premature greying and baldness.


You have a voracious appetite and eat large quantities. In fact, if not fed on time, you become irritable and angry. Blessed with a strong digestive fire, you can eat and digest almost anything edible under the roof. You have high and persistent thirst, with generally a parched throat.

You have regular bowel movements, which are soft and loose inconsistent. High frequency of urine, which is yellowish. You have firm and steady walking and talking style. As a Pitta Prakriti person, you are a moderate sleeper in  duration. However, fortunate enough to have sound and uninterrupted sleep.

Behavioral or Psychological

Sharp intellect, fiery temperament, and goal-oriented are what define you. Being a Pitta, you are blessed with moderately good concentration, analytical, and intuitive capacity. A keen observer with sharp memory but with limited retention, you grasp things or topics fast but with medium depth.

You are a born perfectionist who prefers every aspect of your life to be disciplined, meticulous, orderly and clean, including the work style. Changing your mind is not easy, and you stick to your decisions. It’s easy for you to become agitated or angry, however, you also cool down fast. Pitta people exhibit fearlessness and confidence. You are an ambitious go-getter and a high achiever with natural leadership qualities.

Disease susceptibility

As a Pitta individual, you are prone to ailments related to fire principle or heat in locations of the stomach and small intestine like indigestion, hyperacidity, diarrhea. You are susceptible to fevers, jaundice, and any kind of burning sensations like burning eyes or burning in urine due to UTI. You have hypersensitive skin so you easily get affected by rashes, hives, acne, and redness. You are prone to hot flashes as well. You get sunburnt quite easily and do not like bright light. Emotionally, you can have extreme possessiveness, jealousy, envy, frustration, and occasionally manic aggressive episodes.

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